Fuster Cluck Farm

3614 Glendale Road

Kenly, NC


Welcome to Fuster Cluck Farm. We are a small hobby farm in Kenly, North Carolina. We have a country farm store, offering Chicken, Pork, Beef and Lamb.  We are located between Clayton and Wilson. Currently, we are raising Idaho Pasture pigs, chickens, and sheep. Our original intent was to raise most of our own food.  We soon realized that we had more than enough for us. Now, we would like to share our abundance with our friends, family, and all who seek to know where their food is raised. We use regenative farming practices to raise healthy animals. We rotate them to give our pastures time to rest and recover. We offer our high quality meats for your Farm to Table experience. It is time to get to know your farmer. We also are offering farm experiences and classes to share what we have learned with others. We have a Meat Handlers license with the state of North Carolina. We have our larger animals processed by a USDA inspected facility. Our little store (aka: garage) has been inspected so that we can offer our meat to others. You can even place an order online. We have options to meet for delivery or you can pickup your order here at the farm. You are welcome to visit us to see where we raise our animals.  It is a true Farm to Table experience!