First Chicken Coop Project

Portable Chicken Coop

We decided to build a chicken coop and get some backyard chickens in the spring of 2009. We purchased the plans and got some great advice from Dave at Catawba ConvertiCoops.

All the Materials

Just getting started

Mike measuring for the deck

Deck and chicken wire installed

Handles installed. Beginning of the roof

Brent putting the sides together

Finished side (it slides both directions or can be lifted up and removed)

Ends installed (Square Foot Garden in background!)

Finished product. Two people can easily lift it up and move it around the yard.

First chickens – One Jersey Giant and one Black Star

Got the chickens on a Saturday and the next day (Easter Sunday!), we got our first eggs.

We used cedar chips for the nests at first, but have learned that’s not the best choice. We’ve also tried Pine Shavings, but Straw seems to work best for us.