About Us


We started raising chickens and growing some vegtables and flowers in square foot gardens in the backyard of our home in Knightdale, NC. Our intent was to grow some of our own food. We wanted to get back to basics. As we grew to enjoy our chickens, we started to wonder if we would be able to add more animals to our backyard. Seeing that we were in a subdivision, we did not think that our neighbors would appreciate a couple of pigs or a cow next door. That sparked our search for a little more land.

Meet Your Clueless Farmers

Jim and Carol Adams both grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. We were married in 1983. The job market in the early eighties in Michigan was not the best. Being newly married, we thought it was an opportunity to move to an area where the job market was better. Since Jim had to jump start Carol's car every morning in the winter, we decided to move to a warmer place. We still wanted the change of seasons but were looking for milder winters. We moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1984. The job market was good. Raleigh had a lot to offer. We would be 2 hours to the mountains and 2 hours to the ocean! So we settled in. We had two kids. Raised them in a small town of Knightdale. Our only animal was a dog. Then Jim decided he wanted to raise chickens! So he built an A-frame movable chicken coop. And so it began......