Step by Step Cooking Beef Brisket in Crock Pot

While at my niece Jenn’s new home, we made a Beef Brisket in the crock pot. We had a lot of things planned for the day so we cooked the brisket in the crock pot so it could cook while we played! We have included step by step instructions. We apologize for not having exact measurements but I will try to give a guess on the amounts used. My thoughts about cooking are if it doesn’t turn out we can always call for a pizza or have peanut butter sandwiches! Hope you enjoy….more recipes and thoughts to come!


3 to 5 pound Beef Brisket

1 jar of BBQ Sauce

1 cup of red wine

1/2 cup of brown suger

2 Tablespoons chili podwer

2 Tablespoons of (Sea Salt, Course Ground Pepper, and Galt Salt/equal parts)

  1. Rub Beef Brisket with brown sugar. Covering entire brisket.

  2. Then sprinkle with chili powder and Salt Mixture. Rub into brisket.

  3. Heat grill.

  4. Sear on all sides. (Heat until has a nice coating and is brown)

  5. Transfer into crock pot. Add half of the BBQ sauce and all of the red wine. Cook on low for 3 to 4 hours.

  6. When the meat is tender, remove and cut against the grain.

  7. Drizzle remaining BBQ over meat.

  8. Serve.

Rubbing the brown sugar into the brisket

Chili Rub Down

Salt, Garlic and Pepper Rub Down

Searing the Brisket

Searing All Sides

Remove from grill once searing is complete

Transfer to Crock Pot

Adding BBQ Sauce

Adding the Red Wine

Slicing the brisket

Finishing the brisket with BBQ sauce